DIY with is one of my favorite sites the layout is so good and i love how fast my order gets to me.

okay so enough blabbing and time to tell you what i made this time, so with the G-S hypo cement craft glue just $6.00 (£4.95) and the professional rhinestone tweezers just $4.80(£3.95) (both from the amourrocks website at i made a beautiful nail design on my sister for her anniversary holiday.

This is the finishing result she was really happy with them,she got her nails done at a private nail salon and i added the crystal rhinestones to her nails to add the finishing touch to her outfit.

Image result for rhinestone nails

these are the products i used from :

stronger than hotfix, perfect for craftpick up rhinestones quick and easy

i swear guys i am not being payed to do this blog i am doing this because i have always been pleased with how fast my order has come and how great the price and quality of everything i buy . I have never been dissatisfied and do not think i ever will be .

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Candy Rhinestones

Im making invitations to my sisters wedding and i needed Rhinestones and as she is having her wedding in the summer i wanted them to be bright and beautiful, all i could find was the bland colors but my cousin recommended a site called www. it was brilliant i was able to personalize t-shirts and i totally did, was so impressed with the quality and sizing .Also i found the rhinestones i wanted they come in all different sizes and colors and at an amazing price depending on the size ss6:£0.95  ss10:£1.15 ss16:£1.65 ss20:£2.15 ss30:£3.25 the price is realy reasonable as the quantitie is approx 144 rhinestones per pack . Here is an incite of the colors

Fluorescent Green Hotfix Candy Rhinestone (approx 144 per pack)Floresent green Very Cherry Hotfix Candy Rhinestone (approx 144 per pack)Very cherry Fluorescent Pink Hotfix Candy Rhinestone (approx 144 per pack)Floresent pink Grape Hotfix Candy Rhinestone (approx 144 per pack)Grape Frosted Fancy Hotfix Candy Rhinestone (approx 144 per pack)Frosted fancy .

i ordered  all of these in ss20 ss30 and ss16 and with shipping and tax it came to £38.20 i was so glad and my sister loved the invitations .

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PS check this website out at :www.