rules of a big sister t-shirt

Guys this t-shirt is so true i need this but they only do it in kids sizes . I think i have spoken about this website before but i have been looking for a gift for a younger niece who is a big sister to 2 younger brothers and a younger sister and found this :

This is a great gift for a big sister and really cheap at at the price of £7.99 super cheap for a t-shirt i would say . I have ordered from the website before took two days after ordering for my order to come my niece loved it and thanked me for the great gift .


Hidden Rainbow hair

just look i did not see this becoming a trend but its awesome.

Image result for rainbow hair

the colors are so vibrant and beautiful.

There were lots of hair trends in the past couple of years. From pixelated hair to rainbow pastel hair to galaxy hair, and even ‘merman’ hair – we’ve had it all. They may be cool and all, but some of us are just too shy for these bold hairstyles or simply have a more conservative job… If you’re one of those people, you’ll love this hidden rainbow hair that is the next big hair trend!

MAC Caitlyn Jenner lipstick !!!

Now i think everyone knows who Caitlyn Jenner is, she is famous duh .It was only the other day i found out that there is a lipstick by her, i was so happy and needed to get it so i went shopping and bought it .I know mac lipsticks are awesome anyway but this came out such an amazing color this lipstick is one of my faves.

The packaging is so unique to her and so pretty and golden, the lipstick is self applies smoothly lasts so long even when eating and drinking, also the color is so bright, i love it.

The price was so cheap for a mac lipstick at £16.50 ($20.09) i was so satisfied with my product a definite recommend.

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MAC Ariana Grande lipstick !!!!

Hey guys so today i will be blogging about the mac lipstick i have just bought, so i was in the mac shop and there was a huge commotion about the Ariana grande lipstick.I love this shade it is a  pink color with a beautiful packaging and looks like the type of shade Ari would wear .

Mac lipsticks are normally so expensive but this was only £15.50 ($18.87) i was so happy how it came out and how long it lasted with just one coat .

I really recommend this product if you love Ari and pink lips.

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DIY with is one of my favorite sites the layout is so good and i love how fast my order gets to me.

okay so enough blabbing and time to tell you what i made this time, so with the G-S hypo cement craft glue just $6.00 (£4.95) and the professional rhinestone tweezers just $4.80(£3.95) (both from the amourrocks website at i made a beautiful nail design on my sister for her anniversary holiday.

This is the finishing result she was really happy with them,she got her nails done at a private nail salon and i added the crystal rhinestones to her nails to add the finishing touch to her outfit.

Image result for rhinestone nails

these are the products i used from :

stronger than hotfix, perfect for craftpick up rhinestones quick and easy

i swear guys i am not being payed to do this blog i am doing this because i have always been pleased with how fast my order has come and how great the price and quality of everything i buy . I have never been dissatisfied and do not think i ever will be .

thanks for reading


Kiko concealer 

The first item I picked up was their full coverage concealer. This is a cream concealer which comes in a small round pot which has a little mirror inside, it’s a perfect size for anyone’s handbag. In my opinion it is quite a thick concealer so it is definitely full coverage, I haven’t tried it out much but once I do I will keep you updated

Kiki Infinity Eyeshadow 

It’s a bit overwhelming when you have a ton of options to choose from (93 shades available) I thought I’d go for the shade that I know I will use (just to be on the safe side) so I chose the shade INFINITY (Pearly Taupe Grey). This single eyeshadow originally cost $8.00 but I only paid  $2.99

What I like about this eyeshadow?

  • Very very pigmented
  • Super easy to blend
  • Does not crease
  • Really smooth formulation (no fall-outs)
  • Definitely affordable
  • It’s more on a soft matte finish but really beautiful when blended
  • I like to use this on my crease for a smokey eye look and sometimes just use a tiny bit all over my lid on a lazy makeup day