Hair straightening brush review 

In the relatively recent years, hair straightening brushes have emerged as a potential rival for the traditional flat iron appliance to straighten our hair. We’ve seen many brands come out with their own versions of straightening brushes, and they can be much more reasonably priced than the traditional high end flat irons.

But do they match up? Well, I was recently sent the new Hairstyla* to try it out and review it for myself, keeping in mind how it matches up to my GHD. In this post, I’ll go over my thoughts of the Hairstyla and whether I recommend it or not.

The Hairstyla comes housed in a super glamorous black and rose gold cardboard flip-top gift case. It also comes with a user manual, and a black velvet pouch to store your appliance in should you wish to take it travelling. I love the addition of pouches with appliances, because I really do use them when I go away! It has a long swivel cord too, heaven. It also turns itself off after 60 minutes of inactivity to ensure optimal safety.

This brush straightener features 16 heat settings from 80 degrees to 230 degrees! 16 heat settings! That’s nearly unheard of! I like this feature because different people have different hair with different thickness and texture, and you can tailor it to the style you want. Higher temperatures for sleeker styles or lower temperatures for a natural smoothing finish. Likewise, finer hair benefits from lower temps whereas thicker hair requires higher temps for styling.

This appliance also features ionic 3D heat technology to smooth, de-frizz and straighten hair. Ionic heat technology is a good option because it produces negative ions which makes the process more long-lasting and less damaging. Interestingly, our hair strands are positively charged, and by emitting negative ions, the theory is that the ions will ‘neutralise’ the hair strand so that it has no charge, making it less prone to damage, smoother and making the hairstyle last longer. At the same time it reduces electric static which means leans frizz!

My Thoughts

I really, really like this appliance. I must admit, I’m loyal to my beautiful GHD, it works like nothing else. However, this is a close second to it. You know how you straighten your hair and the best tips are to first section your hair, and then use a brush while straightening to create a smoother, sleeker look? Well with this appliance you don’t need to do either. For me, the brush head is large enough to straighten a massive chunk of my hair at once, so sectioning my hair isn’t as necessary. Those who have thicker hair will love this also because it should reduce the styling time for their hair. With the inclusion of the brush, you can just simply run it through your hair as if brushing your hair as normal.

It’s quick to style my whole head of hair, but not as quick as my GHD (some sections needed going over a few times). I can see myself using this a lot, especially when I need to style my hair simply and quickly like when I’m off to work. It gives a super natural, smooth finish, but not as sleek and flat as a traditional straightener. Having fine hair its important for me that I don’t ‘flatten’ my hair whilst straightening it because I have hardly any natural volume. But the Hairstyla allows me to straighten and smooth my hair without eliminating any natural body (hardly any) in my hair and without making my hair limp.

Styling my roots is a little trickier with this hair straightening brush because it is bigger and bulkier than your usual straightener, but I’m slowly getting the hang of it, I just have to lift parts of roots higher up to run the brush through it properly.

To Recommend or Not to Recommend?

I’d recommend this, without hesitation. It’s quite affordable at $119.98 and totally accessible, being sold at The Good Guys, Myer, David Jones, Big W, Harvey Norman and Target, as well as direct from their website. It’s such an easy appliance to use that delivers quick and effective results. It’s also great for those with finer hair that suffer from flat, limp hair when using a straightener because it reserves most of your natural body. I can see myself getting a lot of use out of this! Plus, look how gorgeous it is!


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