Lancome juicy shaker 

The Juicy shaker is Lancomes latest lip product to hit the shelves with a mixture of oils and  colour pigmentation meaning that the lips are left feeling nourished and healthy. The reason this is called the Juicy shaker is because, you actually have to shake it. The oils and the pigmentation separate to create two different colours (making it look like a cocktail, hence the shape being like a cocktail shaker) then when you shake it, it mixes together creating the amazing colour you apply to your lips.

The applicator for this is basically a sponge which is ultra soft and moves to shape your lips for a full application. As it is applied by a sponge this soaks in the product meaning that you are not left with excess product on your lips and therefore it applies perfectly first time!

I love using this product and it going me one of my new go to lip products especially as I have this in 381 Mangoes wild which 1. is a gorgeous pink shade 2. actually smells like mangos and makes me hungry every time I use it because it smells so delicious! If pink isn’t for you though they have 13 different shades to chose from and if this one is anything to go by, they will all be as amazing!


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