Kiko lipstick 

There are 30 shades within the collection and are priced at £10.90 each. £10.90 is quite expensive I will say, Kiko is normally a brand which sits somewhere around the £5-£8 mark for lip products, and over £10 definitely feels up there, but saying that the packaging is really glorious.

These have a spring loaded button at the top which releases the lipstick from the cap. The spring, if I’m being picky – isn’t the nicest, it feels a little clunky and I’ve found it essential to keep in a pocket in my handbag, even the slightest knock on the button releases it easily.  The outer lid is a gorgeous chrome gunmetal packaging with a rose gold button with the kiko logo on top, inside the bullet itself is mostly rose gold, with the part that twists being the same gunmetal shade from the outside, it is metal rather than super shiny plastic. The lipstick itself also features the Kiko ‘K’ logo and overall this lipstick looks really chic.


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