Pancakebot 3d 

The PancakeBot, which ‘prints’ designs with batter onto a hot griddle, can now be yours after a successful Kickstarter campaign. Watch it in action.


What is in my school bag ? 

This is my school bag from forever 21 it is really strong with a padded back and thin straps .

In my school bag I have : 

An umbrella ,book,folder ,small notebook ,colored fineliner pens , water bottle ,hand sanitiser ,compact mirror ,calculator , baby lips lip balm ,scarf ,extra socks , gloves , pads (for that time of month and a pencil case 

Pencil case : 

In my pencil case I have :

A ruler , scissors ,4 pens , pencil with rubber , 3 highlighters and a pencil sharpener (not in the picture ) 

5 best ways to remove makeup 

  1. Baby Wipes:
    If you have sensitive or acne-prone skin, then you should consider using baby wipes to remove your makeup since it is soft and safe to use as it is mainly used for cleaning babies.
  2. Milk:
    Another effective and natural way to remove your makeup is by dabbing some milk onto a cotton pad and rubbing it all over your face. In addition to that, milk also helps smooth your skin.
  3. Coconut Oil: 
    For water-resistant makeup, coconut oil is the best solution as it easily wipes off your makeup without burning or irritating your skin. You can apply it onto a cotton pad or directly apply it using your hands.
  4. Olive Oil:
    If you have dry skin, you can make use of olive oil to remove your makeup because it has softening as well as brightening agents.
  5. Vaseline:
    This is the best way to remove eye makeup because it slides off the mascara, eyeliner, and eyeshadow easily.

7 beauty hacks 

  1. Use a bronzer to contour. Instead of having two different powders – use one for both applications. If you have a bronzer with no shimmer it can be used to warm up your face as well as cutting those cheek bones!!
  2. Highlight with a shimmer eyeshadow. If you’re new to highlighting and want to try it, or have simply lost/forgotten your highlighter, you can still get that glow with a shimmery eyeshadow. It is also a way to experiment with all the different shades, for example you could prefer a golden shade instead of a peachy one.
  3. Fill in your eyebrows with eyeshadow and set with vaseline. Your eyebrows can look just as amazing when they’re filled in with a matching eyeshadow and angled brush. It’s also easier to find the perfect shade this way, because there are limited shades of some eyebrow pencils.
  4. Use a peachy lipstick/gloss for your blush. By using a lipstick it also gives you that dewy look, you only need a little bit of product on your finger before blending it out.
  5. Do your eyeliner with an angled brush and black eyeshadow. This works just as well as any other liner, it is also easier if you’re doing a smoky look.
  6. Crush some eyeshadow and mix with vaseline for a lipgloss. Mix the crushed eyeshadow on the back of your hand with some vaseline and you’ll have the perfect shimmery lipgloss.
  7. Set your makeup by applying a gel primer on top. As well as using it to prime your face, you can dab a little bit of the gel primer on top of your makeup where you get oily and it should help to control it.

7 uses for vaseline 

1. Using Vaseline as a Mascara

Vaseline can act as a clear mascara if you are in a hurry or if you forgot to use a mascara and you carried your pocket sized Vaseline along with you, just dab it with your fingers and rub it neatly on your lashes. If you have a lash brush, just rub it in as if it were a mascara. I also found out that it helps your lashes grow too so give it a shot.

2. It Can be Used as a Highlighter
This is just awesome! Did you know that Vaseline can be used as a highlight? I bet you didn’t. Because of its natural shine, it gives your skin a glow. All you need to do is dab a little amount on your cheekbones, temples, cupid bow. I always add a little bronzer so it comes out really perfect.(my little secret) make sure to spread it out evenly and blend it well with your fingers.

3. Remove Eye Makeup
After a long day wearing such a heavy eye makeup, you will have to take it all off. The easiest ways to get them out it to dab some Vaseline on the makeup, clean it all out with toilet paper or cotton swab. It can also aid you when removing your false Lashes. Wipe off the residue with clean warm water.

4. Heals Sunburns
You went out on the beach and forgot your sunscreen. Cover up those burns with a Vaseline for effective healing. Vaseline can aid healing 10 times faster than any other moisturiser. It Heals any kind of burns including hot water or fire. It is also a natural disinfectant.

5. Lip Balm.
I love adding Vaseline to my lips every night. It helps keeps it soft and smooth through the day. Also when prepping your lips add Vaseline to your routine,this will help keep your lips fresh,soft and also makes lipstick application easier.

6. Cracked Heels.
Most women suffer from cracked heels especially during the cold winter weather. Cracked heels can be very painful and brings discomfort. If not properly treated it can be infected. Vaseline provides a soothing relieve for cracked heals. Apply Vaseline on affected area. Wear a pair of socks throughout the night for better effects. Vaseline also softens the feet if y used continually.

7. Used as Face Primer
Vaseline has a smooth texture and because of this, it can be used as a primer. It has the ability to hide fine lines and wrinkles. Apply Vaseline as moisturiser or mix it with your favourite moisturiser for better results.

Lancome juicy shaker 

The Juicy shaker is Lancomes latest lip product to hit the shelves with a mixture of oils and  colour pigmentation meaning that the lips are left feeling nourished and healthy. The reason this is called the Juicy shaker is because, you actually have to shake it. The oils and the pigmentation separate to create two different colours (making it look like a cocktail, hence the shape being like a cocktail shaker) then when you shake it, it mixes together creating the amazing colour you apply to your lips.

The applicator for this is basically a sponge which is ultra soft and moves to shape your lips for a full application. As it is applied by a sponge this soaks in the product meaning that you are not left with excess product on your lips and therefore it applies perfectly first time!

I love using this product and it going me one of my new go to lip products especially as I have this in 381 Mangoes wild which 1. is a gorgeous pink shade 2. actually smells like mangos and makes me hungry every time I use it because it smells so delicious! If pink isn’t for you though they have 13 different shades to chose from and if this one is anything to go by, they will all be as amazing!

Makeup tips for people who wear glasses 

Rule #1: Use neutral coloured eye shadow

Glasses give a bold statement so going with bright coloured eye shadow will be left unseen behind your glasses. Neutral colours are ideal because instead of crowding the eye region, they brighten the area, making your eyes look bigger and brighter. Neutral colours like champagne and rose gold will achieve this effect. Make sure that the eye shadow does not go outside the frame line so it looks neat and not messy. Take it further by shimmering the lower eyelid. This will add light to your eye area and make your eyes stand out from underneath your glasses.

Rule #2: Go for the bold lip
Although bright coloured eye shadows don’t work well behind glasses, they do work amazingly well for your lips. Bright colours like red, pink and orange balance out your glasses. You can also choose colours that complement the colour of your glasses. So if you’re wearing glasses with a hint of red in them, then you can go for a red lipstick to balance it out.

Rule #3: Shape your eyebrows
Give your eyebrows some definition by shaping your eyebrows. Shaping your eyebrows gives structure to your face and open up your eyes beautifully. I like to thread my eyebrows once a month. It can be very painful but the finished look is worth the pain. Pretty does hurt.

Rule #4: Curl your eyelashes and apply mascara
Use eyelash curlers to curl your eyelashes. Curled eyelashes serve two purposes. First, they help make your eyes look cute and flattering. Second, they keep the eyelashes from hitting your glasses, especially if you apply mascara and you have long eyelashes like I do. Applying mascara will make your eyes appear bigger.

Rule #5: Apply blush and bronzer
Apply blush to each cheek to give your face a rosy colour. This adds colour to your face. Make your cheekbones stand out by applying a bronzer. Doing this will add structure to your face.

Rule #6: Make the areas around your eyes bright and healthy
There are many ways you can define your eyes with an eyeliner. Draw cat eyes. It complements the frames by minimizing its shape. Another way is to apply the eyeliner according to the thickness of your frames. Thick frames will require a thick liner while thin frames will require a thin liner.

Wearing glasses and looking good isn’t as difficult as it seems. Now that you have these tips, you no longer have to stare at your makeup kit wondering what to do. With these rules in mind, you can look pretty with your glasses on.