Kiko lip marker

Hi guys,i have been to Milan,Italy recently i loved it it was so gorgeous. Kiko is an amazing make-up shop in Italy it was originally created in Milan which is awesome as i kinda love make-up.I decided to go and look in kiko ,i absolutely loved the layout it was so big like make-up heaven .Anyway i found this super long lasting lip marker that lasts all day,its water proof and doesn’t come off when you eat so no need to touch up .This is just like a real marker like you are colouring your lips which is just really amazing (but not so good when you get knocked and it goes on your face or when you cannot colour between the lines as it takes a lot of scrubbing on the face to get it off ).The lip marker is £6.90 ($8.41) and has 8 colours to choose from .I really recommend this product to all and it is great with a gloss finish (also if you have a white applicator with a clear gloss the lip marker doe not ruin the white applicator ).Remember just go to http://www.kikocosmetics.comLong Lasting Colour Lip Marker


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