Crystal parrot t-shirt 

Omg so i was just browsing on some random websites and then i remember i blogged about this website a while ago ,so i just went on there and found this awesome crystal parrot t-shirt .I really like this as it is an amazing price at £8.99 and super eye catchy the quality is amazing and so is the design i really reccomend this site not only for mugs but for t-shirts too .


Grandma Mug


So it was my Grans birthday a few days ago, so i was just looking for a cheap gift for her,when i came across this website called  and it has so many mugs i was just so excited to buy one and as my gran has a great sense of humour and always says” i do not need plastic surgery i have my grand-kids to keep me young ”  guess what there was a cute mug which said it. I was so worried about shipping though ,as the mug is only £7.99 ($10.99)but with shipping the whole price was £10.44 ($13.70) which was very cheap for a nice looking mug.  When it came i couldn’t  even feel where it has been printed on and its brilliant dishwasher safe. I was so happy and surprised that this gift was perfect my gran loved it .