Rivet Rhinestuds

Its summer YAY !!!!! Me and my sister always wear shorts in the summer to get those legs ready for winter ,BUT i put on a pair of shorts today and wanted to spice them up so i could be better than everyone else hahahahahaaaa! So i went searching online for rhinestuds or crystals and then i remembered my fave site Amourrocks.com i have blogged about this quite a lot recently but i cannot just tell you guys enough that i love it. So i was just browsing on there when i came across some pyramid rhinestuds there was a choice of gold, silver or bronze so i chose the silver i bought two quantity’s and payed £2.10 ($2.77)for them and shipping  .Also as they are hotfix i had a hotfix tool from that same website i think it was around £20 but i was able to make this : 6th July 2013  ( Lace Cardigans:





My sister loved them so much she made her own but only with the gold studs and in a different place but it looked pretty awesome check it out :

Loveeee!! <3:

Thanks for reading 🙂


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