SEPHORA Super Nourishing Lip Balm!

This lip balm is so hydrating and looks great it gives a transparent sheer to your lips . Say goodbye to chapped lips as this $ 5.00(£3.50) lip balm is here to save the day . Rotate the container to slide the product up and down to reveal the  balm . The container is really cute purse size /travel sized , really guys this is just so handy to have on one of those cold boring days .( i bought this from sephora )

sephora lip balm


KIKO nail lacquer

This is a £2.50($3.57) nail lacquer by KIKO Milano there is a beautiful range of approx 500 eye catching colors, one of which i love  is number 495 Pearly Vanda Burgundy .This is a pinky purple sparkly color , the consistency is perfect not watery not gooey perfect, dries in about 2 mins . without streaks the color reveals on the first coat .


There are many more colors to choose from  KIKO .I definitely recommend this product because i am so impressed in the price and quality . However , there is a slight flaw in this product , it doesn’t last very long (unless you have a top coat duh ) but i put it on and let it dry but unfortunately a day or so after it started to chip a lot  and that was really disappointing as it looked really good , but what do you expect it is a nail lacquer after all .