Nikki minaj style

I am here to tell you about a awesome singer who wears AWSOME clothes ,well she can wear casual at the monthly basic but she mostly wears fantastical strange clothes and this is Nikki minaj she is really impressive with all the clothes she designs all by herself . So clever and if you have read any of my other Nikki minaj posts you will also see a crazy description . I will now put some examples of some of her clothes and can you comment on witch number clothing you like most .

20140527-090923 pm-76163696.jpg

20140527-090923 pm-76163802.jpg

20140527-090924 pm-76164008.jpg

20140527-090924 pm-76164102.jpg

20140527-090924 pm-76164202.jpg

20140527-090923 pm-76163908.jpg

20140527-090924 pm-76164313.jpg

20140527-090924 pm-76164808.jpg

20140527-090925 pm-76165082.jpg

20140527-090924 pm-76164899.jpg

20140527-090924 pm-76164984.jpg

20140527-090924 pm-76164509.jpg

20140527-090925 pm-76165380.jpg

20140527-090924 pm-76164418.jpg

20140527-090925 pm-76165565.jpg

20140527-090925 pm-76165760.jpg

20140527-090925 pm-76165278.jpg

20140527-090925 pm-76165962.jpg

20140527-090925 pm-76165179.jpg

20140527-090925 pm-76165868.jpg

20140527-090925 pm-76165662.jpg

20140527-090924 pm-76164602.jpg

20140527-090924 pm-76164706.jpg

Thanks for reading my fave is number 5 . 😄😃😀😄😃😀


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